Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury: Everything has changed, and this is the moment everyone realises it

24 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is popular. Young people like him. Millions voted for him. These are all things we knew already, from the election results, from polls, from simply having our eyes open.

But there were those who had been slow to catch on, still thinking the election result was all to do with Theresa May’s bad campaign, or that another Labour leader might have done better.

No more. After Glastonbury, only the terminally obtuse could continue to ignore the unprecedented mass support for Jeremy Corbyn.

The “oh Jeremy Corbyn!” chant is now everywhere. Jeremy received a hero’s welcome when he spoke from the main stage to hundreds of thousands of people today. It will only spread further from here.

First Corbyn and his supporters came from nowhere to shake up the Labour Party. Then they did the same to the general election. Now it’s growing, growing still further, beyond politics and far into popular culture.

Jeremy at Glastonbury is now part of history – and it is part that will be talked about, referred back to, for many decades to come as part of the story of how a transformed Labour Party changed society in 2017.

Watch Jeremy’s speech: